Gratitude – Day 8 & 9

Ok y’all today and yesterday I must say that I’m grateful for therapy and learning self care. Let’s start with therapy. Because of therapy I learned more about myself and how to handle situations as well as how to let go of certain things. Sometimes I push myself way to hard and when I’m passionate about something it pretty much consumes me.

Because of therapy I’ve learned that in order for me to maintain a peaceful space I’ve got to have better self care routines. Something that was also hard for me because I enjoy doing for others. So I’ve learned to enjoy the moments of pedicures, manicures, massages, simple me time, flowers, reading, etc.

So yes, I’m grateful for my therapist, grateful for all therapists who do this daily, and grateful for self care regimens big and small.

What are you grateful for today?


Gratitude – Day 7

Today I find myself being grateful for pen and paper. I’m sure most of you again are like “whaaaat” lol. Let me tell you why i’m grateful for pen and paper. When I was young pen and paper sometimes helped me to create an imaginary world that took the focus off the current thoughts. It allowed me a way to escape the bad, it allowed me to be someone else.

As I got older I found myself grabbing that pen and paper again, and eventually that pen and paper turned into a monitor and keyboard, however I still love my pen and paper lol. Those who know me or work with me know that I have a thing for pens lol… I have a million colors and they have to be fine tip!! I have notebooks for EVERYTHING. Business ideas, personal ideas, journaling in whatever I have at that moment, notes for work, etc.

Never underestimate the power of pen and paper lol. What you write can be just as powerful as things you here. Write your own affirmations on there, so when you’re having a bad day you can open that notebook or find that paper, read that affirmation and remember all the positives. As soon as I finish this blog guess what i’m picking up lol… you guessed it PEN and PAPER to finish working out some business ideas.

What are you grateful for today?

Gratitude – Day 6

Today as I sit and think I find myself being grateful for moments. The good ones and the bad ones, because moments create memories!

The bad moments provide us opportunities to learn lessons. These moments allow us the minute to self reflect and see who we don’t want to become or even how to fix ourself before we self destruct. The problem is we have to have the wisdom to actually take those moments in to change them for the better. Find that positive in a negative.

The good moments provide us life experiences with a sense of pride and often times accomplishment. I find myself being grateful to each and every moment I’ve experienced.

What are you grateful for?

Gratitude – Day 6

Today’s gratitude makes me a little emotional. So I ordered several books to read a few days ago and I received them today. As I was opening the box with excitement I began to think about what got me to this point, so the first book I pulled out to begin reading while my son was at football practice was Shonda Rhimes – The Year of Yes. So let me take you on this little emotional journey for a moment.

I have a brother named Sam. My personal readers know all about him but those of you who are following don’t, so let me give you a little background. Sam is special needs, he is diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis, he is unable to talk, or really care for himself so he needs 24 hour care. Growing up he was like my baby, although he is older than me, I helped care for him while my mother worked and while there was a time when I questioned God about my brother, the majority of my memories with him are all great and proud moments.

As a teenager I knew that my path would be early childhood related, or social work related. I wanted to teach, but I also had a passion to own my own business (daycare center). I began mentoring in high school and it did nothing but help push that passion even more. I have Sam to thank for that. Fast forward to my adult life. Yes I went on to become a early childhood educator, did it for years and got burned out. While doing this my passion grew into helping parents that needed additional resources for their children to find it. Again I have Sam to thank for that because I always remember how hard it was for my mother to get or find help. Now resources are more available than they were then however its still hard for parents to get the help that they need, especially when its something new to them.

I’m now in school to be a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, not because I want to sit in a office all day diagnosing people, but because that same passion I had when I was little has grown into a even bigger passion. I plan to open a mentoring center but I want to be able to provide the resources that troubled children need and if that means for me getting them jump started while their with me until I get them in somewhere else that’s what I want to do. There are so many families that want help and are put on forever long wait lists, or have issues with insurance, so they give up out of frustration. I want to help fill that void while assisting them in their search. The first thing we were asked in school was to write “Why we chose to do this”. Well this is my why.

From childhood to adulthood the level of gratitude I have for my brother does nothing but continuously grow and get stronger. He is my “why”. I am who I am because of him. He has helped shape the many directions I go. So to some people my brothers diagnosis may have been seen as a curse, but to me and my family my brothers diagnosis has been nothing but a blessing. Its because of him that I see the world differently, its because of him that my son see’s the world differently, its because of him that we push to help others, its because of him that we’re compassionate for so many. GRATEFUL! BLESSED! I will forever continue to push and keep a legacy going in his memory.

What are you grateful for today?

Gratitude – Day 5

Omg y’all this one was hard today because I had about 3 things that I wanted to write about that would’ve been amazing, but I’m only choosing 1.

Today one of the things I find myself being grateful for is time. Yes something that many people take for granted. Time is not promised to us but how often do we waste it. We waste our time being ungrateful, dissatisfied, and being simply unappreciative not just of others but of ourselves too.

If you’re reading this, find joy in knowing that you have time. Whether it’s time to right a wrong, time to appreciate what or who you have, time to smile, and time to be grateful.

What are you grateful for today?

Gratitude – Day 4

Today started out be a bit dreary but as the day progressed the sun came out and it felt amazing outside. Ultimately it was a beautiful day. One of the things that I found myself be grateful for today were the bees.

Yes, you read correctly lol. While I was sitting at my desk working I happened to look outside my window. There’s a few hedges sitting near the window and I watched 2 bees going from hedge to hedge, working in between each flower. It took me back to school and learning about pollination, and in general how hard bees work. Collecting nectar from the plants to feed the family and in turn carrying pollen from one plant to the next.

I’m a flower lover (especially if its purple arrangements lol), I love the way they look and I love the way they smell. So today I’m truly thankful for bee’s and what they bring into the world. Beauty is found in the smallest of things!!

What are you grateful for today?

Gratitude – Day 3

Today while I did a few things around the house and spent some quality time with my little guy I found myself being grateful for my mother. All my life I’ve watched her give selflessly to so many, I’ve watched her encourage those who thought they had no other way, I’ve seen her ups and I’ve seen her downs. Through all of that the one thing she has yet to do is complain. When I hear people speak about “strong” women she’s the first that comes to my mind.

When I think of her I smile because she’s passed on so much to me and others through the years. The biggest reason I am the mother I am is because of her. Her passion for caring for others she has instilled in me in some of the most unimaginable ways. If I could pay tribute to her a thousand times I would because she’s well deserving of all the joy and happiness that one could get. I’m proud to be her daughter.

What are you grateful for today?